One Neil Hansen – Utah’s Next Governor


One Neil Hansen – One Candidate for Utah’s Governor

I am announcing my candidacy to run for the office of Governor of Utah! I am a lifelong resident of Weber County, married with eight children, and have 16 grandchildren.

I have been involved in the Democratic Party for over 40 years and was encouraged by leaders within county and state organizations to run for governor this year because the many hours, time, effort, and resources I’ve spent volunteering for more than 40 years. My father taught me that many people seek public office, but it’s ideal when the office seeks the person. Though I contemplated running for a different elected office this year, people recruited me to run for Governor because of the principles I espouse. Though I wanted to run for Governor in 2016, I was asked to help fill the ticket and run for State Treasurer instead. In so doing, I only spent around $6000 of my own money and garnered the most votes than any other Democrat running for a statewide race.

I was elected to serve as a State Representative for Legislative House District 9 for the State of Utah from 1999 – 2010 and am confident my legislative experience, coupled with my 30+ years of government service within local and state entities, will serve the citizens of Utah well. I understand the principles and rules of politics and know from my legislative service what it means to work in the political arena, have a strong desire to serve others, and recognize that it’s an honor and privilege to serve the public in a trusted position. 

As a Representative, I recognize that every public employee being paid by tax dollars is in an office of public trust. Regardless of whether the public servant is a city employee, police officer, fire fighter, city council member, county employee, county commissioner, senator, governor, or President of the United States, they know the general public trusts those serving to always do trustworthy things because it’s the right thing to do and is an indicator of their integrity, not a measure of their loyalty.

I know that public trust has little to do with loyalty. It’s all about integrity. When a person enters into a position of public trust, they are given responsibilities to carry out, and then should be held accountable to the public for their actions, deeds, and responsibilities. My integrity and character are defined by my actions.

I recognize others who are running for this highest office in the state of Utah will espouse issues which they think can win voters over, when in reality, I have come to realize that those issues are of little matter if the person running for office has not demonstrated integrity and trustworthiness in the past.

I have learned through my legislative experience that when the legislature passes a bill or law, it will do one of two things. It will either do things TO the people or do things FOR the people. For example, why would the legislature and the governor propose such a heavy tax burden on its citizens when every year there is close to a billion dollars of new money that comes into the state coffers? That action of raising taxes alone does something TO people and not FOR people. I know there are many issues facing Utahns, but voters can be reassured that I will research the information given, and gather as many facts before making a decision, as I demonstrated while serving in the House of Representatives. I know being Governor means representing all taxpaying citizens of Utah and not just a specific political party who elects me. I will represent all voters.

In the coming months until Election Day, I plan to ask Utah voters to put their trust in me because I have the public service and legislative experience needed to be an effective Governor of Utah. I know the issues Republicans espouse, as well as their history and character. Having this knowledge gives me the ability to go toe-to-toe on any issue with any Republican opponent.

I feel with all my heart that I would be the best candidate to lead the state’s Democratic ticket and help all Democrats on the ballot. This is the year Democrats can be unified in our message and hold Republicans accountable for the things they have done TO the citizens of Utah, instead of FOR them.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call the One Neil Hansen for Governor Campaign at (801) 564-0862. 

From the Neil Hansen for Governor campaign at 1031 Capitol, Ogden, UT 84401,



public education

Educators need more resources and our schools need healthier budgets. Allocating dollars to education will be a primary focus.

political accountability

The Governor's office should be holding management more responsible and accountable for decisions impacting citizens.

budget balancing

I never voted for the state budget as a legislator because I felt we needed more public funding and less corporate welfare projects.


Let's live within our means by avoiding additional taxes while questioning unhealthy spending habits. The buck stops with the Governor!

    All people should have access to affordable healthcare, extended services when needed, and low-cost prescriptions.
    Holding regular town meetings and providing timely communication to constituents and voters.
    Utah's master plan for future development, infrastructure, and our state's economy needs to be updated and revised.

Frequently asked questions

Check out the Deseret News article about what “One” means and why standing up for something is important.

Former State Representative Neil Hansen will be the voice of reason that asks the hard questions of management and will hold them accountable for decisions impacting the citizens of Utah.

Being a former State Representative. I would bring to the office more than 12 years of legislative experience and knowledge of how state government works, along with 30+ years of government service. I have also been involved in politics in one way or another for more than 40 years.  

I’m different from every other political candidate because I’ve actually served in a political office, gathered input from constituents, and then fought hard on the House floor to pass legislation that does things FOR people, not TO people. 

I also have integrity to stand for the right and truth, and also have the courage to do the right thing, regardless of the impact.

You can help change Utah’s government by electing me to be the next governor of Utah. 

I have an open-door policy and will listen to any concerns or issues you feel may improve the lives of Utahns.

While donating to my campaign would help me get my message out to more voters to help change Utah’s current government leadership, I would like to suggest that you, at least, be sure to vote in each election and take some time to learn about issues impacting Utah and its people. 

for change and a better utah!